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 A French Drain is a type of trench drain that is used to redirect groundwater away from a building, structure and or area. It typically consists of a trench that is filled with pipe and gravel which is then covered with a geotextile fabric to prevent soil from entering the drainage system. The trench is sloped to allow water to flow naturally towards the desired location. French drains are extremely helpful in moving water from one area to another.


They are often a great answer to a wet yard!

Image of a French Drain installation in progress, with workers laying a perforated pipe in a trench lined with gravel and geotextile fabric.

We now do most of our French Drain projects with EZ Flow pipe.
Here it is in the 3 pictures below!

Here is a French Drain project we did in 2020. This was our old approach of using Landscape Fabric, Gravel and 4" pipe. We completed this is one day.

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